Rolling Auction

Rolling Auction

The Rolling Auctions are having a little rest at the moment.
When they start rolling again, we'll advertise them on the home page.

How does it work?

The Rolling Book Auction is a timed silent auction. You simply decide what lots you're interested in and send us your bids. Each lot has a closing date, and when the lot closes the highest bid wins.

This auction never ends! As lots close new ones are added regularly. Lots will usually be listed for at least two weeks before closing.

You can check the status of your bids by visiting the Item List page. The item list is updated frequently and includes details of the current high bid and bidder. If you have been out-bid on a lot, you can place a new bid. There is no limit to the number of bids you can submit.

The Rolling Book Auction contains a great selection of books on trains, cars & other vehicles, ships, planes, toys & collectables, and some other odds & ends.

The Rolling Plane Auction contains aircraft kits and diecast planes, a great range for hobbyists at all levels of expertise, along with valuable collectables.

We expect to introduce more Rolling Auctions in the future offering trains, cars and other toys & collectables.

How to bid

Bids can be placed by phone or email, or in person at our Blackheath shop.

Phone: (02) 4787 7974

Buy it now!

All lots are available for immediate purchase at a "Buy it now" price. Just email or call us and tell us you want to buy it now! Once a lot has been sold at the "Buy it now" price, it will no longer be available for auction.


Lots are on display at our Blackheath shop – and you can "Buy it now" when you see it! Check our home page or call us for opening times.

How to place bids

  • By phone: (02) 4787 7974
  • By email:
  • In person at our Blackheath shop
  • In person during regular auctions and viewings

The bids you place are your maximum bids, the highest you are prepared to go. If you win a lot, you won't necessarily pay the full amount of your bid. You may pay much less, depending on the other bids received.

Please ensure that your bids comply with the published bidding increments (see panel on left).

Buyer's premium

A 13.5% buyer's premium applies to all successful bids (includes GST). For "Buy it now" purchases the premium is already included in the "Buy it now" price.

Please read the Rolling Auction Terms & Conditions.