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A selection of hobby metals from K&S Precision Metals. Includes sheets, tubes and rods in brass, aluminium and copper.
Aluminium Tube 1/16" K&S kse-0100 Aluminium Tube 1/16"$4.00Purchase
Aluminium Tube 3/32" K&S kse-0101 Aluminium Tube 3/32"$4.20Purchase
Aluminium Tube 1/8" K&S kse-0102 Aluminium Tube 1/8"$4.50Purchase
Aluminium Tube 5/32" K&S kse-0103 Aluminium Tube 5/32"$1.40Purchase
Aluminium Tube 3/16" K&S kse-0104 Aluminium Tube 3/16"$1.40Purchase
Aluminium Tube 7/32" K&S kse-0105 Aluminium Tube 7/32"$1.40Purchase
Aluminium Tube 1/4" K&S kse-0106 Aluminium Tube 1/4"$1.60Purchase
Aluminium Tube 9/32" K&S kse-0107 Aluminium Tube 9/32"$1.80Purchase
Copper Tube 1/16" K&S kse-0117 Copper Tube 1/16"$0.90Purchase
Copper Tube 3/32" K&S kse-0118 Copper Tube 3/32"$5.30Purchase
Copper Tube 5/32" K&S kse-0119 Copper Tube 5/32"$1.50Purchase
Copper Tube 1/8" K&S kse-0120 Copper Tube 1/8"$1.50Purchase
Brass Fuel Tube 1/8" K&S kse-0121 Brass Fuel Tube 1/8"$3.20Purchase
Brass Streamline Rod K&S kse-0122 Brass Streamline Rod$3.00Purchase
Brass Round Tube 1/16" K&S kse-0125 Brass Round Tube 1/16"$6.00Purchase
Brass Round Tube 3/32" K&S kse-0126 Brass Round Tube 3/32"$6.20Purchase
Brass Round Tube 9/32" K&S kse-0132 Brass Round Tube 9/32"$2.90Purchase
Brass Round Tube 5/16" K&S kse-0133 Brass Round Tube 5/16"$3.10Purchase
Brass Round Tube 11/32" K&S kse-0134 Brass Round Tube 11/32"$3.30Purchase
Brass Round Tube 3/8" K&S kse-0135 Brass Round Tube 3/8"$3.80Purchase

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