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Styrene strips, sheets, tubes and other shapes from Evergreen Scale Models. Includes shapes specially designed for HO and N scale modelling.
Styrene strip 0.25mm x 0.51mm Evergreen eve-00100 Styrene strip 0.25mm x 0.51mm$6.00Purchase
Styrene strip 0.25mm x 0.76mm Evergreen eve-00101 Styrene strip 0.25mm x 0.76mm$6.00Purchase
Styrene strip 0.25mm x 1.02mm Evergreen eve-00102 Styrene strip 0.25mm x 1.02mm$6.90Purchase
Styrene strip 0.25mm x 1.52mm Evergreen eve-00103 Styrene strip 0.25mm x 1.52mm$6.90Purchase
Styrene strip 0.25mm x 2.04mm Evergreen eve-00104 Styrene strip 0.25mm x 2.04mm$6.90Purchase
Styrene strip 0.25mm x 2.56mm Evergreen eve-00105 Styrene strip 0.25mm x 2.56mm$7.80Purchase
Styrene strip 0.25mm x 3.20mm Evergreen eve-00106 Styrene strip 0.25mm x 3.20mm$6.90Purchase
Styrene strip 0.25mm x 4.00mm Evergreen eve-00107 Styrene strip 0.25mm x 4.00mm$6.90Purchase
Styrene strip 0.25mm x 4.80mm Evergreen eve-00108 Styrene strip 0.25mm x 4.80mm$6.90Purchase
Styrene strip 0.25mm x 6.40mm Evergreen eve-00109 Styrene strip 0.25mm x 6.40mm$6.90Purchase
Styrene strip 0.38mm x 0.51mm Evergreen eve-00110 Styrene strip 0.38mm x 0.51mm$6.90Purchase
Styrene strip 0.38mm x 0.77mm Evergreen eve-00111 Styrene strip 0.38mm x 0.77mm$6.90Purchase
Styrene strip 0.38mm x 1.02mm Evergreen eve-00112 Styrene strip 0.38mm x 1.02mm$6.90Purchase
Styrene strip 0.38mm x 1.54mm Evergreen eve-00113 Styrene strip 0.38mm x 1.54mm$6.90Purchase
Styrene strip 0.38mm x 2.05mm Evergreen eve-00114 Styrene strip 0.38mm x 2.05mm$6.90Purchase
Styrene strip 0.38mm x 2.56mm Evergreen eve-00115 Styrene strip 0.38mm x 2.56mm$6.90Purchase
Styrene strip 0.38mm x 3.20mm Evergreen eve-00116 Styrene strip 0.38mm x 3.20mm$6.90Purchase
Styrene strip 0.38mm x 4.00mm Evergreen eve-00117 Styrene strip 0.38mm x 4.00mm$6.90Purchase
Styrene strip 0.38mm x 4.81mm Evergreen eve-00118 Styrene strip 0.38mm x 4.81mm$6.90Purchase
Styrene strip 0.38mm x 6.4mm Evergreen eve-00119 Styrene strip 0.38mm x 6.4mm$6.90Purchase

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