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Real model rockets that fly hundreds of metres into the air using genuine rocket engines! Suitable for ages 10 and up.
Bandito Rocket (E2X) Estes EST-0803 Bandito Rocket (E2X)$18.90Purchase
Firehawk Rocket (E2X) Estes EST-0804 Firehawk Rocket (E2X)$17.50Purchase
Firestreak SST Rocket (E2X) Estes EST-0806 Firestreak SST Rocket (E2X)$18.90Purchase
220 Swift Rocket (E2X) Estes EST-0810 220 Swift Rocket (E2X)$12.50Purchase
Atomic Sky Launch Set (E2X) Estes EST-1390X Atomic Sky Launch Set (E2X)$64.90Purchase
Hunter's Choice Launch Set (E2X) Estes EST-1401 Hunter's Choice Launch Set (E2X)$69.90Purchase
Riptide Launch Set (RFT) Estes EST-1403 Riptide Launch Set (RFT)$64.90Purchase
Silver Arrow Launch Set (E2X) Estes EST-1424X Silver Arrow Launch Set (E2X)$58.50Purchase
Manta II Launch Set Estes EST-1425X Manta II Launch Set$64.50Purchase
Alpha III Launch Set (E2X) Estes EST-1427X Alpha III Launch Set (E2X)$58.50Purchase
Sky Twister Launch Set (E2X) Estes EST-1438X Sky Twister Launch Set (E2X)$67.50Purchase
Wild Flyer Launch Set (E2X) Estes EST-1440 Wild Flyer Launch Set (E2X)$59.50Purchase
Journey Launch Set (E2X) Estes EST-1441 Journey Launch Set (E2X)$59.50Purchase
HeliCat Launch Set (E2X) Estes EST-1465X HeliCat Launch Set (E2X)$58.50Purchase
Tandem-X Launch Set - 2 Rockets (E2X/L1) Estes EST-1469X Tandem-X Launch Set - 2 Rockets (E2X/L1)$64.50Purchase
Solar Scouts Launch Set Estes EST-1475X Solar Scouts Launch Set$64.50Purchase
Flash Launch Set Estes EST-1478X Flash Launch Set$64.50Purchase
Taser Launch Set Estes EST-1491X Taser Launch Set$52.50Purchase
Rascal & Hijinks Launch Set - 2 Rockets (RTF) Estes EST-1499X Rascal & Hijinks Launch Set - 2 Rockets (RTF)$64.50Purchase
1/2A3-2T Mini Engine (13mm), pack of 4 Estes EST-1503 1/2A3-2T Mini Engine (13mm), pack of 4$21.50Purchase

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