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Metcalfe Building Kits

Embossed Stonework Sheets Metcalfe MET-0050 Embossed Stonework Sheets$15.90Purchase
OO/HO Cobblestones Sheets Metcalfe MET-0051 OO/HO Cobblestones Sheets$16.90Purchase
Dressed Gritstone Sheets Metcalfe MET-0052 Dressed Gritstone Sheets$15.90Purchase
Engineers Brick Sheets, blue Metcalfe MET-0053 Engineers Brick Sheets, blue$16.90Purchase
Brick Sheets, red Metcalfe MET-0054 Brick Sheets, red$16.90Purchase
Paving Sheets Metcalfe MET-0055 Paving Sheets$16.90Purchase
Tarmac Sheets Metcalfe MET-0056 Tarmac Sheets$15.90Purchase
Low Relief Pub and Shops Metcalfe MET-P0205 Low Relief Pub and Shops$23.90Purchase
Low Relief Cinema and two Shops Metcalfe MET-P0206 Low Relief Cinema and two Shops$23.90Purchase
Self-adhesive Paving Slabs Metcalfe MET-P0210 Self-adhesive Paving Slabs$15.90Purchase
Engine Shed, 2-road Metcalfe MET-P0213 Engine Shed, 2-road$39.90Purchase
Platform, red brick Metcalfe MET-P0216 Platform, red brick$27.90Purchase
Coaling Stage Metcalfe MET-P0222 Coaling Stage$16.20Purchase
Water and Sandhouse Metcalfe MET-P0227 Water and Sandhouse$21.90Purchase
Coaching Inn Metcalfe MET-P0228 Coaching Inn$23.90Purchase
Parcels Office and Waiting Rooms Metcalfe MET-P0231 Parcels Office and Waiting Rooms$33.90Purchase
Goods Shed Metcalfe MET-P0232 Goods Shed$35.90Purchase
Signal Box Metcalfe MET-P0233 Signal Box$22.90Purchase
Island Platform Building Metcalfe MET-P0234 Island Platform Building$22.90Purchase
Platform Extension Kit, stone Metcalfe MET-P0235 Platform Extension Kit, stone$29.90Purchase

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