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B4-4 Standard Engine (18mm), pack of 3

  • B4-4 Standard Engine (18mm), pack of 3

Packet of 3 engines with starters and plugs. Each launch requires one rocket engine. Engines and starters cannot be re-used.

Length: 70mm
Diameter: 18mm
Total impulse: 5 Newton-secs
Max. lift weight: 99 grams
Max. thrust: 13.2 Newtons
Thrust duration: 1.1 secs
Time delay: 4 secs
Initial weight: 19.2 grams
Propellant weight: 7.6 grams

Note: Rocket engines are classed as Dangerous Goods and cannot be sent by Australia Post, so they must be sent by courier. If you are able to come to us in Sydney or the Blue Mountains, we recommend that you pick these goods up.


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