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Garden Railways

How to Grow Your Own Garden Railway

You can grow anything in your garden these days – even railways and stations

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Garden Railways

Above and below: John and Barbara's collection. John's interest in trains and Barbara's passion for gardening have resulted in this winning combination.

Watching model trains in your garden is more relaxing than gazing at a tank full of goldfish. Everyone needs a diversion and many people are finding they need an escape from the pressures of work and a hectic lifestyle. Believe it or not, trains in your garden are a fantastic way to unwind.

Imagine the hours of fun you and your family can have when the world's greatest hobby (model railways) is combined with your garden. Mum is kept happy because Dad and the rest of the family show an interest in keeping the garden tidy. Dad is happy because he can fulfil his boyhood dreams and the rest of the family reap the benefits.

Garden Railways
Garden Railways


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