Steam, Smoke & Steel


"Steam, Smoke & Steel"

by David Newman-White

Steam, Smoke & Steel

Oil on canvas, 120cm x 180cm, unframed

This large and impressive oil painting depicts the "City of Lithgow" No. 1072 steam engine. The painting has been generously donated by the artist to the Great Train Weekend. The proceeds will go to future Great Train Weekends.

Bidding will close during the Great Train Weekend, which has been postponed. The bidding deadline will be set after the Great Train Weekend has been rescheduled.

Starting price: $1,000

Estimated value: $2,000 to $4,000

Current high bid: $1,600 (Bidder # 308)

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This auction will raise funds to ensure that the Great Train Weekend will continue in the future.


About the painting

The painting is oil on canvas, dimensions 120cm(h) x 180cm(w). It will look wonderful in any train-lover's house!


About the artist

David Newman-White is a highly acclaimed visual artist famous for his outstanding portrait work. David has studied and taught around Australia and currently lives in the Blue Mountains. His paintings have been exhibited in Australia, America and Switzerland, and his works are featured in the Saatchi Gallery Online, London.

I was inspired by both the title and the image of "Steam engine 1072", the painting of which was created through a good deal of research. Photo-documentation of the dismantled 1072 In the Zig Zag railway workshop, walking many miles up and down the Zig Zag railway track from Bottom Points to Top Points photographing rail tunnels to fuel my imagination for the final work.

The greatest pleasure in creating this artwork was through finally collaging all of the elements together, the Steam, the Smoke and the Steel. Then using a sfumato technique (dry scumbling) to create a veil of these three elements for a visual sensory experience. The scale of the painting was also important so as to give the viewer the feeling of actually being there.


About the locomotive

The 1072 is a Queensland Railways BB18¼ class Pacific 4-6-2 passenger locomotive, built in 1956 by Walkers Ltd, Maryborough. It operated in Queensland until 1970, then around 1975 it was purchased by the Zig Zag Railway in the Blue Mountains and named "City of Lithgow". Since then it has run regularly on the Zig Zag as a tourist train. At present it is undergoing a major overhaul.